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EODOPEN will make 15 000 textual documents from the 20th and 21st century digitally available

The EODOPEN project focuses on bringing digitally-hidden works to the public forefront by digitising and making them available on a pan-European level whilst fully respecting current copyright regimes. Minimum 15 000 literary works from the 20th and 21st century will be available for ingestion into Europeana.
The EODOPEN project makes a sound contribution to the Creative Europe programme.

EODOPEN will target more than 1 million people in Europe

The EODOPEN project aims at a pro-active and engaging approach to reach the target groups. EODOPEN expects to directly target more than 1 million people in Europe, which includes the existing local and regional library users as well as library professionals of all participating libraries (the general public, students, academics, teachers, the blind and visually impaired) and an unpredicted number of indirectly targeted individuals, i.e. audiences of all media, who independently find and use the materials available due to the cleared rights and special delivery formats. A prototypical digitisation lab will be established where the community will be engaged on site in the digitisation processes.

EODOPEN is based on well established partnership between European libraries

The EODOPEN project builds upon the partnership and infrastructure of the eBooks on Demand (EOD) Network, books2ebooks.eu, established in July 2008 and by now a self-sustained network. The project consortium is composed by the lead partner (UIBK, University of Innsbruck) and 14 project partners representing 11 European countries ranging from the most Western part of Europe to the most Eastern part. The project started on the 1st of November 2019 and lasts for 48 months.